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Jordan Berson is 2015 NL Champion!

The 2015 NL Open was played at Memorial University in St. John’s from Oct 16-18, and after five rounds Jordan Berson was crowned provincial champion.  Jordan also won the event after a playoff in 2009, but this time he needed no extra time to polish off the competition, scoring four wins and a draw against the toughest the field had to offer.

And what a field!  Seventeen players, including five former NL champions, with representation from both coasts and Labrador.  Not bad, considering that there are 18 current CFC members in the province!

Second place was shared by Sudharaka Palamakumbura (the only player to nick a half-point from Jordan, and the only other player to go undefeated), and Ray McIsaac, who more than justified his long trip over from the west coast with four wins.

Mohammed Reza Kowsari won the “best performance” prize, Ryan Pickard took home the top junior prize (donated by Ray McIsaac), and Anthony Leonard won the door prize (donated by Steve Martin).

Anthony Leonard ably organized and directed the tournament, with assistance from many quarters.  Morgon Mills hosted round 4 as a “luxury round” at the Guv’nor Inn, and several players contributed generously to the prize fund and to organizational expenses.

A meeting was held to discuss future event organization, with the following results:

  • the 2016 NL Open is scheduled for Oct. 21-23, 2016
  • weekend events will be held quarterly in 2016 (alternating organizers, with Anthony Leonard assisting)
  • Mohammed Reza Kowsari will organize the January tournament
  • Steve Martin will organize the April tournament
  • Ryne King will organize the July tournament
  • Anthony Leonard will organize the NL Open

2015 nl open

NL Open 2015 Participants (L to R): Morgon Mills, Sudharaka Palamakumbura, Jordan Berson, Mohammed Reza Kowsari, Peter Noftall, Steve Martin, Anthony Leonard, Aubrey Noftall (rear), Ryan Pickard, Brian Oliver, Ryne King, Nihad Dervisevic, Ray McIsaac, Rob Moloney, Travis Bailey, and Morley Payne.  Not pictured: Isaac Adejuwon.



Updated Tournament Announcement

2015 St. John’s Summer Open

Organizer/ Tournament Director:
Chris White
Room C2026, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s
July 10th, 11th & 12th, 2015
Annual Chess Federation of Canada membership ($44 per year adult, $29 per year junior). Can be purchased at the tournament.
$5 tournament entry fee (waved if you are buying/renewing a membership)
Time control:
SD 75 minutes + 30 second increment.
By donation – to be determined.
Please bring your own sets and clocks if you have them.
Recording of moves with chess notation is mandatory (unless you have less than 5 minutes left on an analogue clock).
Games will be rated by the Chess Federation of Canada.
Round Times:
Round 1: Friday July 10th 6pm
Round 2: Saturday July 11th 9am
Round 3: Saturday July 11th 6pm
Round 4: Sunday July 12th 9am
Round 5: Sunday July 12th 6pm
2 half-point byes available in any round if announced to the TD before the start of round one.
For more information or to pre-register contact Chris White:
cell: text or call (780)821-0044
Feel free to print this off and post it in a public place or forward it on to a friend.
If you can’t commit to a weekend tournament, why not try the
Greater St. John’s Chess League:

Wednesday nights July 8th – 29th, 6pm (revised schedule).

Time Control – game in 75 minutes with 30 increments.
Cost – Games will be rated by the Chess Federation of Canada, membership required – see above.
Place: MUN C2026. Cost: $5 entry fee. Half point byes available at any time.
Prizes: Honor, glory and rating points.


Two Summer Tournaments!

For more information on memberships or any other details contact Chris White at (780) 821-0044 or

#1 Greater St. John’s Chess League: Wednesday nights July 1st – August 5th, 6pm.

  • Time Control – game in 75 minutes with 30 increments from move 1.
  • Recording of moves at all times is mandatory.
  • Games will be rated by the Chess Federation of Canada, membership required.
  • Place: MUN C2026.
  • Cost: $5 entry fee.
  • Half point byes available at any time.

#2 St. John’s Summer Open: July 10th-12th

  • Round 1: Friday July 10th, 6pm
  • Round 2: Saturday July 11th, 9am
  • Round 3: Saturday July 11th, 6pm
  • Round 4: Sunday July 12th, 9am
  • Round 5: Sunday July 12th, 6pm
  • 2 half-point byes available in any round if announced to the TD before the start of round one.
  • Time Control – game in 75 minutes with 30 increments from move 1.
  • Recording of moves at all times is mandatory. Games will be rated by the Chess Federation of Canada, membership required.
  • Place: MUN C2026.
  • Cost: To Be Determined.

Tournament Announcement, March 20-22, St. John’s

Our first rated Standard event of the year will be taking place this weekend.  I have already mentioned this to players that were present at last Tuesday’s chess meet.  Morgon Mills, one of our highest rated players who represented us well at the Canadian Closed a couple of years back, will be in attendance.  Details are as follows:

Entry fee: $15 ($10 for Juniors and Seniors)  CFC Membership is required this event.  It is currently priced at $44 a year.  For those renewing their memberships or purchasing a new one, the entry fee for the event will be waived.

Time controls: 75 minutes + 30 second increment added after every move.

Tournament format: Swiss, 5 rounds (if we get 6 or more players).  Half-point byes will be available if requested in advance, however they won’t be available for the final round.

Time and location:

Registration: Friday March 20th, 6pm

Round 1: March 20th, 6:30pm
Rounds 2 and 3: March 21th, 9am and 12:30pm
Rounds 4 and 5: March 22nd 9am and 12:30pm
The tournament will be at MUN.  Friday and Saturday we will be at the Chem-Phys building, in room C-2026.  This was the location of the NL Open last year.  However, on Sunday we will be in a different room: in the nearby Science building in SN-2036.  We were unable to get the same room for the entire weekend unfortunately.

The prize structure remains TBD by the number of attendants.  Morgon has generously offered to pay the rating fees so the fund will be 100% of the entry fees.

Those that are intending to play in this event, please let me know by e-mail or phone: (709) 770-6579.  Please bring boards and clocks if possible.

-Anthony Leonard

2014 Labrador Open

Our games corner presents games played in NL or by NLers. Email submissions are welcome, and we offer free analysis.
All games from the Labrador Open finals, and a few from the preliminary rounds. Especially check out Wood-Greey for a lethal king-side attack, high drama, and a Houdini act; and both games in which Josh Harmon pushed Morgon Mills to the utmost, securing one up-and-down draw that could’ve gone either way, and just missing a second draw in the finals. There is less annotation than I’d like; I’ve got a lot more, but have an ongoing feud with our PGN-viewer.

2014 Labrador Championship

The Barry Flynn Trophy was unveiled this January, with plaques for Labrador chess champions Bryn Wood 2013 and Morgon Mills 2014.  The trophy was locally made by woodworker Nick McGrath, and will be awarded annually to the winner of the Labrador Open tournament.

This year, as in 2013, the tournament was in two stages–but this time the first stage wound up with a massive tie for qualification places, in which no one was a pushover and everyone won at least one game.  In the end, the finals were a five-player round robin played over a few weeks, with more than one nail-biting finish.  Check out the games corner to see with your own eyes.


Barry Flynn poses with the trophy named after him.  Barry is an excellent woodworker himself, and has made a beautiful chess table of different kinds and grains of wood.




NL Open Games

Our games corner presents games played in NL or by NLers. Email submissions are welcome, and we offer free analysis.
Games from the 2014 NL Open will be posted here, starting with all five of Anthony Leonard’s.

Anthony Leonard is 2014 NL Champion!

 A big thank you to everyone who attended the NL Open this year. Anthony Leonard was the undefeated champion with 4.5, drawing only to Steve Martin. Nihad Dervisevic came in second with 4.0 points, losing only one game, to Anthony. As well the redoubtable Brian Oliver defeated three players, and played excellent games against much higher rated opponents. We awarded Brian the prize for best performance. Ryan Pickard received the prize for best junior.

We would like to thank Steve Martin, Peter Noftall, Chris White, Morgon Mills, Alick Tsui, Jordan Berson, Chris Dawson, and Michael Pickard for their help in making this year’s NL Open a success. In particular we’d like to thank Ray McIsaac for his generous $100 donation, and Alick Tsui for his generous $30 donation.

-Peter Deal and Anthony Leonard

Selected game scores are posted here.

nl open 2014

NLCA Meeting

A general meeting has been called for Friday, 26th September at 6:00 pm, prior to the NL Open.  Please turn out if at all possible, even if you are not playing!

NL Open 2014

The NL Open will be held on the September 26th-28th weekend this year, in room C-2026 of the Chemistry Building at MUN.

Registration is at 6pm on Friday the 26th, with Round 1 to start at 6:30 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, the first game begins at 10 am, and the second game begins at 2 pm.

Time control is 90 minutes, with 30 seconds added after every move. The entry fee will be $20 for seniors and juniors, $35 for others. We will waive the entry fee for people renewing their CFC memberships. The format is Swiss pairings.

The prize pool will be announced when registration closes, and will come from the registration fees collected. With more than twelve players, payout will be 40% for 1st, 20% for 2nd, 15% for 3rd, and 25% for best performance. With twelve or fewer players, the payout will be 50% for first, 25% for 2nd, and 25% for best performance.

Ray McIsaac has generously donated $100 to our prize fund. $40 will go into the general prize pool, and there will be a $60 prize for the best junior player.

For those unfamiliar with Memorial University’s St. John’s campus, the Chemistry Building is building #20 on this map. Enter at the “star” and turn right. Go left around the corner and room C-2026 is on the left. Parking is available in lot 17 for $2/day.

Note that this is a CFC rated event, and a CFC membership is required. The membership is $44/year for adults, and $29/year for juniors. If you are singing up or renewing your membership, your entry fee for this tournament will be waived.

If you plan on playing in the tournament, please let me know so I can get a head start on registration. I hope that you all can participate, and look forward to seeing some good games this year.

Best Regards, Peter Deal (Tournament Organizer)