2014 Labrador Championship

The Barry Flynn Trophy was unveiled this January, with plaques for Labrador chess champions Bryn Wood 2013 and Morgen Mills 2014.  The trophy was locally made by woodworker Nick McGrath, and will be awarded annually to the winner of the Labrador Open tournament.

This year, as in 2013, the tournament was in two stages–but this time the first stage wound up with a massive tie for qualification places, in which no one was a pushover and everyone won at least one game.  In the end, the finals were a five-player round robin played over a few weeks, with more than one nail-biting finish.  Check out the games corner to see with your own eyes.


Barry Flynn poses with the trophy named after him.  Barry is an excellent woodworker himself, and has made a beautiful chess table of different kinds and grains of wood.