Upcoming Events

Winter Open

Date: March 1-3, 2019 (Friday-Sunday).

Venue: Engineering Building Cafeteria, Memorial University of Newfoundland.  (SJ Carew Building)

In case of severe weather, text Steve at 763-9487 (or at stevew83@gmail.com ),
or check the NLChess Facebook group for round delays or cancellations. Thanks!

Structure: 5-round Swiss system weekend tournament. Computer pairings. Standard CFC (Chess Federation of Canada) rated.
CFC membership required. See the CFC site for membership costs and how to become a member.

Time Control: 60 minutes per player + 30 second increment per move

Registration – Friday, March 1 at 6pm
Round 1 – Friday, March 1, 6:30pm
Round 2 – Saturday, March 2, 10am
Round 3 – Saturday, March 2, 2pm
Round 4 – Sunday, March 3, 10am
Round 5 – Sunday, March 3, 2pm

Entry fee: $15

Prize format: 1st place 40%, Top Junior 30%, Top under-1700 30%

Please bring chess sets and clocks if possible.

Byes available on request. Please give notice if you can when requesting a bye so I can contact people in case of odd number.

Tournament director: Steve Martin