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Deep Freeze Tournament

Date: Friday to Sunday (November 29, November 30, and December 1, 2019)

Locations: MUN Engineering Building Cafeteria

Structure: 5-round Open Swiss tournament. CFC rated. Membership required. Annual membership costs $44 for adults and $29 for juniors. Pay online at the chess.ca website or in person onsite at the tournament during registration period.
(Note: $20 dollar one-time tournament fee can be used if annual membership is not desirable. This fee would be paid in addition to the tournament entry fee below.)

Time Control: 60min+30sec increment for the entire game.

Registration: 6pm Friday, November 29
Round 1: 6:30pm Friday, November 29
Round 2: 10am Saturday, November 30
Round 3: 1pm Saturday, November 30
Round 4: 10am Sunday, December 1
Round 5: 1pm Sunday, December 1

Entry fee:
A portion of the entry fee will go towards CFC rating fees – $3 per player – and the rest will be returned as prizes:
1st place: 50%
2nd place: 25%
Best performance: 25%

Byes and lateness: Half-point byes are available if you cannot make it for a round or two (last round byes are worth zero).
If you cannot attend a game or need to be late, please get in contact with me (7639487) if possible, so I can change pairings or inform your opponent.
If a player is late for a round, the clock will be started on time by the opponent. If a half hour passes without the late player’s first move being made, he/she will forfeit the game.

Tournament Director: Steve Martin
Please bring along sets and clocks if available.
Contact me at stevew83@gmail.com if you have any questions.