Upcoming Events

August Rated Rapid

Date: Saturday, August 3rd
Structure: Rated 4-round rapid tournament. (CFC active rating)
Time control: 15minutes + 10 second increment per game.

Chess Federation of Canada membership is required. The cost is $44 for adults per year or $29 for juniors. See https://chess.ca/products/membership-fees for info about how to join or renew.

There are no entry fees or prize fund for this event.
This is mostly for fun, rating, and practice. 🙂

Registration is at 12:30pm at the Engineering Building cafeteria.
Round 1 is at 1pm, and we should be finished around 5pm.

Touch move rule will be enforced. Illegal moves can be taken back and do not result in a forfeit as they often do in blitz. However, if someone is seen making multiple illegal moves, it may result in warning and time penalty as deemed necessary. Note: please pause the clock if your opponent makes an illegal move to avoid loss of time.


2019 Newfoundland and Labrador Open

Date: Friday to Sunday, October 18-20, 2019.
Location: likely MUN St. John’s campus. Building and room to be determined.

Structure: 5-round Open Swiss tournament. CFC rated. Membership required.
Time Control: 90min+30sec inc/40 moves, and 30min+30sec increment for the rest of the game.

Registration: 6pm Friday, Oct 18
Round 1: 6:30pm Friday, Oct 18
Round 2: 10am Saturday, Oct 19
Round 3: 3pm Saturday, Oct 19
Round 4: 10am Sunday, Oct 20
Round 5: 3pm Sunday, Oct 20

Entry fee: $40 adults / $35 juniors
A portion of entry fee will go towards CFC rating fees ($3 per player) and the rest will be returned as prizes:
1st place: 50%
2nd place: 20%
3rd place: 10%
Top junior: 10%
Best performance: 10%