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2020 Sunday Rapid

Date: Sunday, January 26, 2020 (edited to this new date due to snow)

Location: MUN Engineering Building Cafeteria

Structure: 5-round Open Rapid Swiss tournament. CFC rated. Membership required. Annual membership costs $44 for adults and $29 for juniors. Pay online at the chess.ca website or in person onsite at the tournament during registration period.
Or instead, you can pay a one-time tournament fee of $12 (adult) or $6 (junior) to play in this event. CFC will allow this if annual membership is not desirable and they will still rate you in the tournament. This applies both to expired members and people who have never played CFC events before.

Time Control: 15min+10sec increment for the entire game.

Registration: 12:30pm Sunday January 26; Round 1 @ 1pm with subsequent rounds following.

Entry fee: No entry except for required membership. See above.
Prizes: No cash prizes, but there will be a book door prize given to a participant by random draw. The book is called Excelling at Chess: Combinational Play and Calculation by Jacob Aagaard.

Tournament Director: Steve Martin
Sets and clocks provided.
Contact me at stevew83@gmail.com if you have any questions.