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Electing a New Governor

We are currently in need of a new NL representative on the CFC’s Board of Governors.  Alick Tsui has served in this position for many years and we thank for him for all of his kind work and the huge amount of time he has spent to keep chess in NL going.

This is a volunteer position that would represent Newfoundland’s chess interests on the Board.  The board meets the first week of every third month.  A Governor’s full responsibilities can be found in the CFC Handbook (found here, particularly Section 2 Bylaws 2 and 3), but to summarize, such a provincial representative Governor should take into account the interests of Newfoundland chess, while adhering to the Federation’s own directives (found in Section 1 of the Handbook).

The Governor position is only open to those who are current CFC members.  They must maintain this membership as long as they are Governors (a term is 1 year).

Members residing in NL may nominate other members, or themselves.  I would like to have a meeting in the near future for a vote on this, but nominations can be sent through e-mail if this is convenient for members.  If you have a nomination for this position, please send that nomination to

Kind regards,
Anthony Leonard

NL Championship Results

International Master Aman Hambleton returned to the province from Ottawa to headline this year’s NL Open.  With huge performances in Panama and Mexico (among other places), not to mention countless Canadian tournament wins and a rating that lands him 5th-ranked in the country, Aman is one of our very best up-and-coming players.

In the end, Aman took the top spot over the strongest field ever assembled for a Newfoundland tournament, including 5 past winners of the NL Open, among them the province’s long-time top-rated player, FIDE Master Grant Spraggett.  In clear second, and top-scoring NL resident, was Anthony Leonard, with a breakthrough performance, and Grant took third.  All games from the 2013 NL Open are now posted in the games section of this site.

By all accounts it was a wonderful event, and kudos go out to Jordan Berson for his exceptional initiative in putting the tournament together and bringing new panache to organized chess in the province.

Labrador Open

The Lake Melville Chess Club is pleased to announce the 1st ever Labrador Open Chess Tournament, to be held in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL on March 6-7, 2013, in the College of the North Atlantic cafeteria on Hamilton River Rd.

This tournament is planned to coincide with the triennial Labrador Winter Games, which feature unique sports (Labrathon, the snowshoe biathlon, etc.), traditional Inuit sports (seal crawl, high kick, etc.), as well as sports more familiar to outsiders (badminton, floor hockey, etc.), and will benefit from shared advertising and a generally high-energy atmosphere in town.

It will be the second CFC-rated tournament ever to be held in Labrador (the first was 8 years ago!), and is designed to promote chess in the region, as well as to provide an opportunity for local players to try out their game in a competitive setting.  We have been training quite a bit, so look out!  Local expert Morgon Mills will be directing the tournament, and he will be more than happy to answer any and all questions about chess or the Lake Melville club. 

March 6
6:00 – Registration/Check-in
6:30 – Round 1
7:30 – Round 2
8:30 – Round 3
9:30 – End of Day 1

March 7
Playoffs/finals: format to be determined by number of entries.  (Probably semis and a final game.)  Quick ratings will be used for all games.

NLCA Organizing Meeting in St. John’s

A big step has been taken toward the revitalization of the NLCA was taken last night, when many of the key people in the NL chess scene got together for a meeting at Jordan Berson’s home in St. John’s last night.  From an email report by Anthony Leonard:
“Last night’s meeting laid a lot of groundwork for future progress. A lot of the most active players in the St. John’s area, as well as the Chair of the NL School Chess Association, were able to attend.
“The decision on a new NLCA Executive has been postponed to a later meeting. In the interim I will continue to do what I can on my end, holding events when possible and passing on information through this mailing list.
“The timing of the NL Championship was discussed. For as long as I can remember, it has been held during Labour Day weekend. The idea was brought up to move the date to early May, since Labour Day weekend is a very popular travel weekend since it is the last holiday weekend of the summer, with school often starting the week after. In early May things are less hectic and may make it easier for people from out of town to attend. We are already looking into booking a venue for somewhere in the area of May 10th-12th. In the meantime I will be continuing to hold Quick tournaments each month, although I’m not sure if there will be another Standard tournament before May if the Championship is indeed moved.
“I mentioned possibly getting a Chess Society recognized at MUN. To that end, if there are any other MUN students interested in this idea, I’d advise you to get in contact with me, as I’ll need a suitable MUN student player base to make this happen. I know there are plenty of MUN students who do not play in rated events so it is possible we have a largely untapped resource here.
“There is a new site being built at It is still a work in progress but it already contains a lot of results from tournaments that have been held throughout the year, as well as the games that were present at the old site. You can also e-mail games to be posted or analyzed to Eventually tournament announcements will also be present on the site. Also, I will be using the discussion board that has been used in the past, This is located at I will be starting a few threads over the next few days to discuss various topics such as the NL Championships and the NLCA Executive.”

A New Beginning!

The NLCA now has a new home on the web, and following some upcoming meetings amongst our volunteers, we are likely to have a new beginning all-around.  Fantastic work has been done in the past, and we hope to build on that in the future, by introducing a new generation of chess organizers and working to advance the status of organized chess in the province.  We want to attract more players, and we want to encourage the players we already have.  We want to provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy the game, whether it be casually or competitively, and we want to enable everyone to improve their play, if they so desire, without having to go online or out-of-province for everything they need.

How are we going to do all this?  Bookmark this page and visit regularly: we promise to keep you posted!