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Upcoming Tournament in St. John’s, August 2014!

Organizer/ Tournament Director:
Chris White
University Centre Cafeteria (South End), Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s
August 8th, 9th & 10th 2014
Annual Chess Federation of Canada membership ($44 per year adult, $29 per year junior). Can be purchased at the tournament.
$20 tournament entry fee (free for players with CFC rating over 2000 and waved if you are buying/renewing a membership)
Time control:
SD 60 minutes + 5 second increment. If analog clock is used SD 65 minutes.
100% of the entry fee will go to 1st place (minus CFC rating fees).
Please bring your own sets and clocks if you have them.
Recording of moves with chess notation is mandatory (unless you have less than 5 minutes left on your clock).
Games will be rated by the Chess Federation of Canada.
Round Times:
Round 1: Friday August 8th 7pm
Round 2: Saturday August 9th 10am
Round 3: Saturday August 9th 1pm
Round 4: Sunday August 10th 10am
Round 5: Sunday August 10th 1pm (only played if more than 16 players registured).
2 half-point byes available in any round if announced to the TD before the start of round one.
For more information or to pre-register contact Chris White:
phone: 753-5365
Feel free to print this off and post it in a public place or forward it on to a friend.

Lake Melville Club’s Spring Training Complete

The “Spring Training” tournament in Goose Bay went off smoothly today as a six-player round robin, and also featured the unveiling of the Lake Melville Chess Club T-shirt!  Special thanks to Bryn Wood for getting the T-shirts made, and to Ray McIsaac for making the trip up to Goose.  Check out the Games Corner or download the PGN at to play through all 15 games (sorry, WordPress doesn’t want a link there for some reason).  Mills-McIsaac is lightly annotated.

Spring Training 2014

Our games corner presents games played in NL or by NLers. Email submissions are welcome, and we offer free analysis.
All 15 games from the Lake Melville Chess Club spring training round-robin 2014 are posted here. The pivotal encounter Mills-McIsaac is annotated: Ray put up a hard fight!

Spring Training Tournament in Goose Bay

Tomorrow the Lake Melville Chess Club will be holding a Spring Training Tournament!  The tournament has been timed to coincide with a visit from Newfoundland chess player Ray McIsaac, who is looking forward to taking on Goose Bay’s finest in a good, friendly atmosphere.
This will serve as a prelude to this year’s Labrador Open (which we have not yet announced/finalized), and will also hopefully kick start our club ladder, by providing an incentive to play rated games throughout the year.
I’ve attached a tournament flyer with full details, but one key point to note is that this will be an official CFC-sanctioned event, meaning (a) that it  is a perfect opportunity to commit yourself to a new season of chess; and (b) that you will need to buy a CFC membership.  🙂

Halloween Open Final Standings

The Halloween Open concluded this evening with a hard-fought last round.  First place went to Morgon Mills, second to Anthony Leonard, and third was shared by Jordan Berson and Steve Martin.  Full standings are given below, and a special mention must go to Gary McKeown and Daniel Efford on the occasion of their first-ever CFC-rated tournament, and also to Gary for netting the “best performance” prize.

5: Morgon Mills
4: Anthony Leonard
3: Jordan Berson, Steve Martin
2.5: Morley Payne, Brian Oliver
2: Sid Myler
1.5: Samir El-Gohary, Gary McKeown
0: Daniel Efford

Halloween Open Update: Day 2

Round 3 Results (incomplete):

  • Morgon Mills-Anthony Leonard (1-0)
  • Morley Payne-Jordan Berson (0-1)
  • Brian Oliver-Steve Martin (?)
  • Samir El-Gohary-Gary McKeown (?)
  • Daniel Efford-Sid Myler (0-1)

Standings after Round 2:

  • 2: Morgon Mills, Anthony Leonard
  • 1.5: Morley Payne
  • 1: Jordan Berson, Steve Martin, Brian Oliver
  • 0.5: Samir El-Gohary, Sid Myler, Gary McKeown
  • 0: Daniel Efford


Halloween Open Underway

The second round begins at 9:30 this morning (Oct. 26).


  • 1: Morgon Mills, Anthony Leonard, Jordan Berson, Steve Martin, Morley Payne
  • 0: Brian Oliver, Samir El-Gohary, Sid Myler, Gary McKeown, Daniel Efford

First round results:

  • Morgon Mills 2224 – Samir El-Gohary 1537 (1-0)
  • Brian Oliver 1581 – Anthony Leonard 2146 (0-1)
  • Jordan Berson 2025 – Sid Myler 1462 (1-0)
  • Gary McKeown unr. – Steve Martin 1886 (0-1)
  • Morley Payne 1644 – Daniel Efford unr. (1-0)

Tournament in St. John’s, October 25th-27th

Registration is at 6pm on Friday the 25th, with Round 1 to start at 6:30pm.  Rounds 2 and 3 are at 9:30am and 1pm on Saturday the 26th.  Round 4 is at 9:30am on Sunday the 27th, with a possible 5th round at 1pm if the number of players warrant.

Time controls: 90 minutes + 30 seconds added after every move.Entry fee: $20, or $15 for juniors/seniors.  Entry fee will be waived for new members participating in this tournament.  Format will be Swiss pairings, unless there are 6 or less players then it will be changed to Round Robin.

Prizes: Will be announced when registration is closed, but something like 60% of prize pool for 1st, 20% for 2nd place and 20% for a best performance prize.  The prize fund will consists of all entry fees – rating fees for the tournament.A CFC membership is required for this tournament.  The membership is $44/year for adults, and $29/year for juniors.  If this is your first CFC tournament, I will waive the entry fee for you if you sign up as a new member.

Location: University Center Food Court next to Extreme Pita (where the club usually meets on Tuesdays)

This location is tentative.  I had hoped to book a better location on campus but the usual places were booked for part or all of the weekend already.  If anyone has an alternative venue that is suitable in a short amount of time, feel free to e-mail me.  I will follow up with a confirmation e-mail two days before the tournament.

If you plan on playing in this tournament, let me know so I can get a head start on registration.

Also, at this tournament an announcement will be made regarding the NL Governor position.


Anthony Leonard

Open House and Open Play

The Lake Melville Chess Club will be holding an open house at 7:00 pm on Sunday, Sept. 29 as part of Culture Days.  (In the cafeteria at the College of the North Atlantic in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.)  Open play will follow!  Some sets will be provided, but please bring yours too, if you have one, as we hope to have a big turnout!

All ages and all abilities welcome: bring your friends and family!  Join the club or just take a peek–it’s up to you.

We’re a new club, and will also be introducing our first executive on the 29th.  They’ll be happy to take any questions you may have about the club, about organized chess in general, or about the game itself, as well as to share their plans (and listen to ideas!) for the upcoming year.

See you there!

Electing a New Governor

We are currently in need of a new NL representative on the CFC’s Board of Governors.  Alick Tsui has served in this position for many years and we thank for him for all of his kind work and the huge amount of time he has spent to keep chess in NL going.

This is a volunteer position that would represent Newfoundland’s chess interests on the Board.  The board meets the first week of every third month.  A Governor’s full responsibilities can be found in the CFC Handbook (found here, particularly Section 2 Bylaws 2 and 3), but to summarize, such a provincial representative Governor should take into account the interests of Newfoundland chess, while adhering to the Federation’s own directives (found in Section 1 of the Handbook).

The Governor position is only open to those who are current CFC members.  They must maintain this membership as long as they are Governors (a term is 1 year).

Members residing in NL may nominate other members, or themselves.  I would like to have a meeting in the near future for a vote on this, but nominations can be sent through e-mail if this is convenient for members.  If you have a nomination for this position, please send that nomination to

Kind regards,
Anthony Leonard